How You Can Help

Regardless of your political views, it is important that you make every effort to connect with candidates. Help them understand that mental illness affects millions of individuals, from all cultures, races and income levels across our great nation. It is our job and obligation to inform candidates of issues and how their decisions will affect us. Your outreach, your votes will help influence how individuals and families affected by mental illness will experience treatment and support in the future; so please get involved.

To find out more information about the next election, including your candidate choices, click here.

You can help. Talk to candidates about mental illness and NAMI’s priorities—and vote. Your efforts will help shape how candidates vote on important issues like coverage for mental health care and mental health services.

As you are meeting with candidates and other community members, use our Candidate Kit to provide additional information on NAMI and our priority issues. Print out the kit and deliver in a folder or email it as a follow-up to your visit.

Download Candidate Kit

NAMI's Candidate Kit isn't just for candidates. It's a great way to inform your friends, family and community about our organization and what we stand for.

If you print...

Print in color.

Put documents in an attractive folder. (You can order Mental Health Care Gets My Vote folders here.)

Left side of folder:

  • About Mental Illness (on top)
  • About NAMI
  • Optional: Add NAMI State Organization or NAMI Affiliate brochure
Right side of folder:
  • Policy Priority: Public Mental Health Services (on top)
  • Policy Priority: Medicaid
  • Policy Priority: Expand Coverage
  • Policy Priority: Adult Mental Health Services
  • Policy Priority: Child and Youth Mental Health Services

If you email...

  • Download the kit to your computer
  • Write a brief, polite email to the candidate
  • Attach the downloaded kit to your email


NAMI Partner Links

Johnson County Mental Health

Kansas Mental Health Coalition

...more partners to come!

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